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How Buhari is turning Nigeria to a dictatorships.  lekki toll gate | mr macaroni arrested.
Unblurring Politics with Leonard Esere

How Buhari is turning Nigeria to a dictatorships. lekki toll gate | mr macaroni arrested.

Watching as the event unfolds at #LekkiTollGateProtest, it is heartbreaking that I am afraid that is not right in so many ways. Protesting is a constitutionally protected activity. The very fact that we must educate our own "Leaders" on the country's constitution goes as far as to tell that they do not know what is in the constitution. Now I pose the question, what does the constitution of Nigeria say about the protest? Chapter IV. 39, All citizens and residents shall have the right to freedom of expression and press. Chapter IV. 40, All citizens and residents shall have the right to "Peaceful assembly and association." For years, I asked this question, does the Nigerian government serve the people's interest, or do they act as they please. First, this question I asked when the Nigeria police force and military strong-handled the #Biafra agitators. With heavy force. Second when tens of people were killed at the previous #LekkiTollGate #Protest. In every developed country, states that I have the privilege to reside or experience a little of their culture, the first questions that are asked to and by their leaders are "is this constitutional," "are these constitutionally protected activities," "is there a constitutional or legal precedence for this?" However, in Nigeria, the opposite is true. So, what is this article detailing? Do I want to complain and state that most Nigerian "leaders" don't care about their "citizens," which is no news to any Nigerian? At the time of this article, I am yet to see one elected Nigeria official condemn this show of unnecessary force against citizens of Nigeria; and has taken to the street to express frustration against the government paid, clothed, and sponsored police division called Special Anti-Robbery Squad (or #SARS). This group has been killing the citizens of Nigeria. Even though the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari, has declared that these government-backed criminal groups have been decommissioned. Note that this was false information that came from the President of Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari lied because he didn't cancel SARS, they were branded as supposedly #SWAT. Keep in mind that the same barbaric hoodlum that flooded that so-called #SARS was the same people commissioned back to this Supposed SWAT. For years, I have pointed out that the only solution to this tyranny is to elect to the office a credible transformational leadership. Of course, this is easier in theory than in practice because knowing the people of my great country that always choose self-first will politicize the process of getting a genuinely transformative president. When we genuinely desire massive change in our country, we need to co-ordinate and speak in one voice only, and that voice only is a voice of collective goal—a collective dream for a better Nigeria. I had floated the question around before President Buhari was elected again, who are we putting forward. We had great candidates that honestly didn't do enough to get youth roared up for them, thus influencing their votes. I think those candidates' realization of the changing dynamics of the Nigeria political space will ultimately be the key to success. As we move toward the general election for 2022, I still do not see anyone going door to door right now to win over Nigerians come 2022. That is even too far out, and I do not even know who the candidates running in 2022 are. Given that I know my people, it will not surprise me too much when I realize that it's a 69-year-old man or even worse. Again, where do we go from here? lekki toll gate massacre top african news cnn frankly speaking with glory
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