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President Macky Sall Rise to Tyranny, Senegal Protest

Remember this name as your read through this article Macky Sall.

Macky Sall has been a prominent Senegal member since the early 2000s' mostly coming to light first as he was appointed as Prime Minister by President Wade in 2004 un the umbrella of the Senegalese Democratic Party (Parti Démocratique Sénégalais; PDS). Sall quickly made some recognization right from that moment through his general policies. Sall would hold this office until he was elected as the President of the National Assembly in June 2007.

His Position as the President of the National Assembly was quickly in great terror as the PDS member voted to abolish his position with the party in November of that year. As that effort failed, the PDS led a vote to reduce his Presidency's length from five years to one year. This effort was carried out because Sall had called the Son of the ruling party Wade (President) to the assembly floor to question fund mismanagement. Due to the political pressure from his party, he resigned.

Fast-forward to 2009, Sall had created his party,

Alliance for the Republic-Hope (Alliance pour la République—Yaakaar; APR—Yaakaar), and he was successfully re-elected as the mayor of Fatick's in 2009, which is where Sall is from originally. Sall has become in the for-font of most Senegalese because he has "stood up" to challenge wrong-doing within his party and across the floor. He has gained the trust of his people. Currently, President Abdoulaye Wade's popularity was on a steady decline during his run for a third term ( a rule he put in place to run three times for office) due to the increased cost of living and poor infrastructure. On the other hand, Sall positioned himself as a great alternative among the other 12 opposition candidates. He promised to bring about transformation on infrastructure, reduced cost of living, and overall economic boost. He also vowed to reduce the President's terms from the seven years set by Wade to two terms of five years. According the constitution of Senegal Article 26 states that, "the President of the Republic is of five years. No one may exercise more than two consecutive mandates".

In the first round of the election, Wade had secured 35% of the total vote, and Sall secured 27% of the vote; however, during the final voting, all the other 12 opposition had joined forces to deliver Sall a total of 66%, which was a landslide win. Sall became the President of Senegal on April 2, 2012. Sall sharply embarked on delivering on his campaign promises which included limiting the Presidency term from seven to five years and the reduction of the President from three terms set by Wade to just two (Following the constitution mandate). The Senegal Constitutional council accepted the presidency years limit from seven to five in January 2016, but the term reduction was rejected.

Sall made right on some of his election promises and created many economically sweeping policies; on the flip side, Sall was also increasing his power chokehold. Politicly passing laws that would prevent strong opposition from running against him during re-election in 2019. Sall, according to sources, has engineered criminal charges against those he found to be strong opposition to him, and then they are disqualified from contesting in the presidential election. In 2019 Sall won re-election with 58% votes for second term (max any person can run concurrently). This is the last term Sall in allowed to run for office according to the constitution by the consecutive mandate of only two term. This means, Sall is no longer qualified to run for office until the next election in 2029. Sall has moved towards a power grab so he can continue as the president of Senegal. Sall has resulted in more direct and pressing ways to wipe out his political opponents before they even become official opponents. That is why as more frustration grows amid the hardship that has mostly be driven by the current pandemic, more Senegalese want to see Sall out of office come next election 2024.

Sall being proactive, has arrested Mr. Sonko has now been arrested on allegations of rape by a woman, the opposition says; this is very consistent with President Sall's procedurally eliminating his political opponents. As more demonstrations take to the street this week, two people have died due to the government opening live ammunition on protesters. It is also clear that Senegal, a jewel of Africa democracy is drifting away, and Senegalese are fighting to preserve this very jewel. What is happening in Senegal is not isolated; this is a widespread technique used by African leaders to silence and keep their oppositions quiet.

As Senegal fights for their country, it is crucial to note that we are all fighting in solidarity. Some African "leaders" or "rulers” better wording must be reminded why they run for elected office. Now Sall wants to hold power illegibly even through coup. That is why we must keep fighting to preserve democracy around the world, no matter the cost. The story of Sall should be a constant reminder of how quickly we can fall from grace

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